Addie Wagenknecht


Bitforms Gallery Celebrates 15 Years with a Retrospective in San Francisco

The leader in 'new media' art since 2001 throws an anniversary retrospective in the city tied to tech innovation.


Private Data Is the Ultimate Luxury Good

A line of jewelry co-created by the co-founder of The Pirate Bay aims to show why perceptions of value are outdated in the digital era.


Ai Weiwei, Liu Bolin, and More Explore the ‘Invisible Threads’ of Technology

NYU Abu Dhabi’s fall exhibition features Ai Weiwei, Addie Wagenknecht and other heavy-hitting new media artists’ critiques of technology.


Surveillance Art Takes Action in a Post-Snowden World

Addie Wagenknecht is a tech artist and art hacker who wants you to change your online habits.


3D-Printed 'Liberator' Guns Become a Chandelier Sculpture

Addie Wagenknecht turns the impossible-to-regulate weapon into art.


Surveillance, Gamergate, and the Artistic Difficulty of Making the Internet Real

​In "Shellshock," artist Addie Wagenknecht creates a wonderfully satirical and mesmerizing altar to the Information Age.


The Golden CCTV Cameras & WIFI Sculptures of Addie Wagenknecht’s New Bitforms Show

Addie Wagenknecht’s first solo US exhibition features WIFI sculptures, drone paintings, and golden CCTV cameras.


Revealing The Illusion Of Perfect Beauty With Art Series 'Law Of Averages'

Addie Wagenknecht's new series quantifies idealized forms and unveils the fallacies of beauty norms.


WifiTagger Lets You Tag Wi-fi Hotspots With Hilarious Witticisms

Leave your mark in the digital public domain with this wi-fi hack from F.A.T. Lab.