Addis Ababa


Ful Medames Is an All-in-One Breakfast and Hangover Cure

Hailing from Egypt and popular across east Africa and the Middle East, ful medames is a mix of stewed and spiced fava beans, eaten by many Ethiopians for breakfast (or as a midweek hangover cure.)
Jay Court

Tasting the Highs and Lows of Ethiopian Honey Wine

Tej is Ethiopian mead—a honey wine flavored with a hops-like herb and often made at home or at tej houses. The stuff for tourists is sweet and smooth, but real-deal tej carries notes of diesel.
Ilan Ben Zion

Jebena Buna Is the Only Way to Drink Ethiopian Coffee

After drinking my third cup in jebena buna, a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, my head is buzzing and my eyes are watering from the frankincense smoke wafting into my face.
Colin Cosier

Ethiopians Are Risking Salmonella to Eat Raw Meat Delicacies

As the wealth of Addis Ababa grows, so too does the appetite for raw meat, especially on Easter Sunday. Many Ethiopians mark the end of the fasting season with kitfo, a dish consisting of raw minced ox meat.
Jay Court

This Giant Basket Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

After a moving visit to Ethiopia, an Italian architect has come up with a way to pull drinking water out of thin air with WarkaWater—a giant, basket-like tower that collects droplets from condensation. Even though it's undeniably beautiful, will the...
Jacey Fortin

Photographing the Sweet Crazies of Addis Ababa

Ethiopia's iconic mentally ill have more style than any model on any catwalk.
Jan Hoek