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Some Old People Want to Stop Teenagers from Drinking Red Bull in the UK

The killjoys are out in force, and they want our youth to stop binging on caffeine.
Carlton Férment
New music

Der Stab’s Nugget of Raging Early 80s Orange County Punk Has Been Released

Featuring Rikk Agnew of the Adolescents, these two tracks are important markers in the history of early Southern Californian punk.
Tim Scott

77 Percent of American Teens Now Believe It's Safe to Smoke Weed

A new report that examines national trends in drug use and mental health found that teens increasingly believe it isn't risky to occasionally use marijuana.
Sydney Lupkin
Scene Reports

Orange County Punk is Still Alive and Sneering

Meet the OGs and newcomers keeping a white-knuckled grip on Orange County's sweaty punk rock legacy.
Nate Jackson

This Food Boot Camp Is Teaching Urban Teenagers How to Skin Rabbits

Root Camp is a non-profit enterprise that runs cookery courses for teenagers on farms in Devon and Wales. “Cutting up the rabbit helped me get over my fear of blood,” remembers Zenaida, a recent participant.
Sarah Phillips
crime & drugs

Medical Marijuana Laws Don't Cause Teens to Start Smoking Pot, Study Finds

The research, which pulled together 24 years of data, found that "medical marijuana laws do not account for increased use of marijuana in US adolescents."
Liz Fields

Why Is New York's Juvenile Justice System Still Such a Disaster?

Good intentions from lawmakers aren't doing a lot to help the city's troubled kids.
Kenneth Rosen

Can Hotlines Stop Muslims from Becoming Radicalized?

The Netherlands is the latest European country to launch a hotline aimed at talking Muslims in immigrant communities out of becoming jihadists, but it's not clear how effective these programs are.
Mark Hay

The Feds Are Suing New York City Because Rikers Island Is a Hellhole

US Attorney Preet Bharara says Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking too long to reform the notoriously horrific collection of jails.
John Surico
This Week in Teens

Would-Be School Shooter Drinks Too Much Whiskey, Forgets Bombs at Home

It's hard to argue that teen drinking ever accomplishes anything of substance, but this week, underage boozing actually seems to have prevented a tragedy.
Hanson O'Haver
This Week in Teens

How to Stalk Your Teenage Children Offline

What if I were to tell you that—surprise!—you’re actually the parent of a teenager? I bet you’d want to know exactly what’s going on in his or her life.
Hanson O'Haver

'Beyond Clueless' Reveals the Secrets to All Your Favorite Teen Movies

The film explains exactly how movies like She’s All That helped us come of age. With footage from hundreds of cult classics, it’s like the film equivalent of a Teen Movie Reader, and will make you glad you went to an American high school.
Amelia Abraham