Adolf Hitler


Nazis Explain Why They Became Nazis

In 1934, American writer Theodore Abel created a fake competition to trick hundreds of people into describing why they loved the Nazi Party so much. Their words seem worryingly relevant today.


The Most Shocking Scene in 'The New Colossus' Shouldn't Work, But It Does

When a character referenced, but not shown, in the original game makes an appearance, everything stops.


How the Charlottesville suspect became radicalized

As early as middle school, James Alex Fields made his classmates uncomfortable by praising Hitler.


Hitler Used Werewolves, Vampires, and Astrology to Brainwash Germany

'Hitler’s Monsters' is a new book that examines the surprisingly deep connection between Nazis and the supernatural.


Human trafficking victims are scared to apply for visas under Trump

Many undocumented immigrants are now withdrawing their applications for protective visas or deciding not to apply at all.


Hitler and most of the Third Reich were ravenous drug users during WWII

Hitler and most of the Third Reich were ravenous drug users during WWII, author says


Hitler's Doctor Said the Dictator Almost Died from a Cocaine Overdose

An assassination attempt got Hitler addicted to "that cocaine thing," according to a new book.


Trump Declines to Mention Jews in Holocaust Day Statement

Presumably this was just an oversight.