Singapore Is Threatening to Ban LGBTQ Citizens from Adopting Children

The government is considering changing its laws after a gay father won the right to adopt his biological son last year.
Gavin Butler
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What It's Like to Be an Asian Adoptee in a White Family and Town

In her new memoir, Nicole Chung discusses representation and her search for her birth family.
Nicole Clark
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Bruno the Incredibly Extra Cat Has Finally Found a Home

He now has a new mom, Instagram account, and feather wand toy (since it's the only thing he'll play with).
Drew Schwartz
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Please Adopt Bruno, the World's Most High-Maintenance Cat

"Yes, I know I am EXTRA."
Nicole Clark

How One Facebook Group Is Bringing Gay Dads Together

Adopting and raising a child is easier when you have 5,000 other queer dads by your side.
Steven Blum

Lawmakers Want to Legalize Discrimination Against LGBTQ Foster Youth

The proposed federal legislation follows several states that have made it legal for adoption agencies to refuse to serve queer children and families.
Natalie Pattillo
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These Bedazzled Doggy "Cones of Shame" Will Make Your Day

Who's a pretty boy?
Tanja M. Laden
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This Judge Won't Hear Adoption Cases for Gay Parents

Judge W. Mitchell Nance said his decision was "a matter of conscience."
Drew Schwartz
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This Kid Sold Lemonade to Fund His Own Adoption

Nine-year-old Tristan Jacobson and his guardians made $14,000 with a little lemonade and the help of the internet.
Helen Donahue
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The Supreme Court Says Alabama Has to Recognize a Gay Mom's Child Custody Rights

The justices unanimously overruled the State Supreme Court about eight months after legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.
Helen Donahue

Your Local Shelter Probably Won't Let You Adopt a Black Cat Around Halloween

You really can't, and it's "because apparently there are bad people," one shelter vaguely told us.
Mike Pearl

A Tale of Two Mothers: Joel Peterson's Autobiographical Novel Takes on Love, War, and Adoption

Peterson's <i>Dreams of My Mothers</i> is an autobiographical novel, following his life from his childhood in South Korea to his adolescence as an adopted son in Minnesota.
Victoria Namkung