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eephus pitch

Adrian Beltre Taken to His Knee by Eephus Pitch

Red Sox pitcher Fernando Abad completely fooled Beltre with a 61 MPH pitch.
Sean Newell

How They Got Here: Can an AL West Frontrunner Finally Win a World Series?

The American League West features a tight three-way race at the top. Then...sadness.
Rian Watt
adrian beltre

Adrian Beltre Takes Knee to Protest Lack of Mashed Taters in Game

Adrian Beltre says going to the knee hurts more than it helps, but that's OK by us.
Robert O'Connell
adrian beltre

Adrian Beltre Wears Helmet Backwards, Pretends to Bat Lefty Against Switch-Pitcher Pat Venditte

Adrian Beltre might not like you messing with his head, but he'll mess with yours.
Joseph Flynn
this particular week in baseball

Consider The Rangers, Sweep Takes, And The Braves Give Up On Giving Up: This Particular Week In Baseball

Three sweeps remind us of the importance of a win or two here and there over the course of a season, the Rangers are fun, and the Reds redefine bad pitching.
Matthew Kory

The Texas Rangers Are Winning as Weirdly as They Can

In Adrian Beltre and Nomar Mazara, the surprising Rangers have a pair of perfect avatars—one too old, one too young. For a team this weird, nothing else would do.
Rian Watt
adrian beltre

Adrian Beltre Hits for the Cycle: Quick, Everyone Touch His Head!

Adrian Beltre made MLB history last night with his third career cycle. Of course his teammates touched his head.
Sean Newell
adrian beltre

Adrian Beltre Submits $300 Invoice to Garrett Richards for Three Broken Bats

Garrett Richards broke three of Adrian Beltre's bats yesterday, so the Rangers third baseman sent him an invoice for $300.
Sean Newell
do not touch beltre's head

Adrian Beltre's Home Run Adventure

Adrian Beltre got fooled badly on a pitch and was fooled again but still managed to hit a home run. Then his teammates all touched his head. Rough day at the office.
Sean Newell
prince fielder

Prince Fielder Does Squats with Rougned Odor on his Back

Prince Fielder shows off his strength while doing squats with Rougned Odor on his back and Odor looks like he's on a fun ride.
Sean Newell
adrian beltre

Adrian Beltre Can't Remember the New Batter's Box Rule

Adrian Beltre will always be entertaining and now we've got a new avenue of enjoyment: forgetting all about the new pace of play rules.
Sean Newell