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How to Move Your NSFW Content Off Tumblr

How to export, move, or otherwise relocate all your sexy content from Tumblr.


Apple Sucked Tumblr Into Its Walled Garden, Where Sex Is Bad

Tumblr announced Monday that it will ban adult content after December 17.


Patreon Is Suspending Adult Content Creators Because of Its Payment Partners

The subscription crowdfunding platform Patreon confirmed that they are increasing efforts to review content, due to payment processor pressure.


The People Working on Rhode Island's Porn-Blocking Bill Don't Even Agree on What it Does

The bill would block "patently offensive material" from consumers, unless they paid a $20 fee.


Tumblr Is Turning ‘Safe Mode’ on by Default for Everyone

Bad news for adult content creators.


Here's How Patreon Politely Makes It Impossible for Adult Content Creators

The crowdfunding site said there’s nothing to worry about, but at least one adult content creator is already being sent violation notices.


Porn Is Still Allowed On Twitter

Twitter's updated guidelines had users worried their adult content would be affected.


Patreon Ends Payments Discrimination Against Adult Content

Thanks to the crowdfunding site, PayPal just got a little more porn friendly.


People Are Already Making Amateur Porn with Tumblr’s New GIF Maker

It’s not without precedent; Tumblr is a wild-west for shortform amateur porn, unlike most other social media sites.