aerial footage


The Scientists Who Study Whale 'Defecation Events'

Whale poops fertilize ocean ecosystems, and also contain a wealth of information for marine scientists.


Artist Creates Absolutely Epic Geometric Drawings on Beaches Around the World

Jim Denevan wanders from beach to beach carving ephemeral illustrations that can only be appreciated from above.


Someone Remade GTA 2 in Real Life

It took a village to make this happen.


[Premiere] Glass Ghost's New Music Video Is Half-Virtual Reality, Half-Suburban Wasteland

Today, Glass Ghosts breaks down the boundaries between real and virtual with their new music video "Home for the Holidays."


Escape the City with an Aerial Montage of Some of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Celebrate Earth Day early with 'Beyond,' an audiovisual experiment designed to take you "Beyond the city, beyond the noise, beyond the buzz of our always-on world."


Drone Footage of the Russian Air Force Boneyard Will Make Any Plane Geek Freak

This fleet ain’t on fleek anymore.


Gritty Timelapse Recasts San Francisco as Gotham City

The only thing missing from this timelapse is the Bat Signal.


Soaring Over San Francisco Looks Even Better in 4K

Carbon Studios takes you on a high-flying helicopter tour above the Golden Gate Bridge.


Las Vegas Looks Like a Circuit Board from 10,800 Feet

Even Sin City looks cute from two miles above sea level.


It's Smooth Sailing Over Chernobyl in This Drone Footage

This submission to the very first New York Drone Film Festival takes you on a frigid vacation to Pripyat, Ukraine.


Cow Art Is the New Land Art

Farmer Derek Klingenberg's drone captures a birds-eye-view of his massive bovine "sculpture."


Daring Photographer Captures Night Photos of NYC Skyline from 7,500 Feet

Photographer Vincent LaForet shows us that nighttime in New York City looks even more stunning from a helicopter.