​Why Do People Keep Trying to Visit the ‘Into the Wild’ Bus?

Every year, travelers take to the Stampede Trail in search of some kind of survivalist nirvana. And every year, people have to be rescued along the way.
Larry Fitzmaurice

How Danish People Celebrate the Fourth of July

Rebildfest is a century-old festival of American independence... in Denmark.
Áine Pennello
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The Beautiful Decay of the Wigwam Motel

The Wigwam Motel, an old Route 66 roadside motel comprised of 20 tipis, shows that roadside Americana is not long for this world.
Megan Koester

How to Travel the World First Class When You're Broke

A travel hacker explains how to turn $49 cash into a $500 hotel room and how to book an international flight for free.
Michaela Cross

​Sherpa Describe Why They Returned to Everest after the Deadliest Season Ever

Some came back to the mountain out of love, others out of economic necessity.
Daniel Oberhaus

The 35-Year-Long Hunt to Find a Fantasy Author's Hidden Treasure

The treasures were hidden in 1981 by publisher Byron Preiss, as part of his plan to promote his new book, 'The Secret.' So far, only two of the 12 treasures have been recovered.
Zach Brooke

Inside the Basement Tunnels Where Mexicali's Chinese Immigrants Once Lived

La Chinesca is made up of a series of underground tunnels beneath Mexicali, where Chinese immigrants lived for half a century.
Erin Lee Holland

Ayahuasca Tourism Is Ripping Off Indigenous Amazonians

Some groups are pissed about the influx of Westerners visiting the Amazon to dress up like the indigenous people and bastardize their rituals.
Ann Babe

I Watched Cuba's Socialist Experiment Play Out on May Day in Havana

It looked as sunny and colorful as you'd imagine, but what's the future for a country where May Day means more than a bank holiday?
Ibrahim Richmond
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We Attend a Fake Funeral in South Korea on Today's 'Daily VICE'

In an attempt to curb the high rate of suicide in South Korea, organizations are offering people realistic death experience programs and fake funeral ceremonies to make them better appreciate life.
VICE Staff

Meet the Man Fighting to Give Sri Lanka's Tea Pluckers an Education

For a class of workers who earn only $6 a day, education is the only way to secure better opportunities for the next generation.
Raphael Iltisberger
Ain't No Grave

Inside the Fight Against Pollution and Big Business in Appalachia

Every summer, environmentalists gather in the woods to strategize, train, and coordinate the fight against the excesses of the coal industry.
Jacob S. Knabb