Donald Trump

Welp, Melania didn’t exactly put rumors about Trump’s infidelities to bed​

“I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do," she said.
Rex Santus
The 2016 Fiction Issue

A Story from Roxane Gay's Upcoming Collection, 'Difficult Women'

A girl goes with her father to see his mistress regularly. When her father dies, she pays the mistress one last visit and learns something surprising.
Roxane Gay

Why People Who Cheat Are Still Not Cool with Being Cheated On

According to a recent study, cheating doesn't necessarily spell the end of your relationship, especially if you're the one doing the cheating. We asked a sexologist why people are such hypocrites.
Kimberly Lawson

Women Are Evolutionarily Programmed to Cheat, Researcher Says

Research argues that women are programmed to line up replacement males in case their original mate gets sick or dies. We speak to the researcher behind the controversial theory.
Sirin Kale
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Ashley Madison's New Ads Target Key Demographic of People Who Hate Their Lives

Marriage is dark and full of existential terrors, according to a business that wants to facilitate affairs.
Allison Tierney

Americans Are Definitely Not As Fun As We Think We Are, Say Polls

Data gathered by Pew suggests that Americans love God and hard work and are pretty uptight about sex. The stereotypes are true!
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Ted Cruz Says the Sleazy Story About Him Cheating on His Wife Was Trump-Planted Ratfuckery

Ted Cruz's denial of a "National Enquirer" story alleging he had five mistresses included some pretty odd language about rodents.
VICE Staff

Cheating Site AshleyMadison Gets Hacked

The hackers claim stolen data includes real names and addresses, credit card details, and sexual fantasies.
Joseph Cox

Having Sex with a Bunch of People Might Save the Institution of Marriage

At least that's what the founder of the polyamory site believes.
Toby McCasker

How 'Call of Duty' Changed the Lives of Veterans

The Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit created by Activision, seeks to place unemployed veterans into meaningful employment.
Jagger Gravning

The Creator of Told Us Why Men Start Cheating When Their Wives Are Pregnant

We asked Noel Biderman, the man behind one of the biggest online-dating sites for people seeking affairs, about his theories on adultery.
Allison Tierney
Motherboard Blog

The Year 2012 in 50 GIFs

Looking back on the year, in GIFs.
Daniel Stuckey