Affordable Care Act


Joe Biden: It Would Be an Insult to My Dead Son for Everyone to Have Healthcare

The former vice president released an ad invoking family tragedy and attacking rivals who have plans to ensure everyone has access to healthcare.


Doctors May Soon Be Legally Able to Refuse to Treat Trans People

The Trump Administration has proposed a revision of the Affordable Care Act that would eliminate anti-discrimination protections for transgender Americans.


Trump plans to take health care protections away from trans patients

The new policies are expected within 10 days


Trump says the GOP will definitely be the "party of health care" — just not until 2021

President Trump is backing down on health care again.


The GOP isn't all thrilled Trump's attacking Obamacare again

Republicans are concerned there's no plan to fix or replace it.


Disabled Activists Should Not Have to Die to Have Our Voices Heard

Carrie Ann Lucas's recent insurance-related death has brought new eyes to her work as a prominent activist—and is yet another instance of disability rights only gaining mainstream attention after one of us dies.


The Ruling Striking Down Obamacare Is a Disaster for Republicans

When a judge said the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional, it was technically a victory for conservatives, but not the kind of victory they want.


A judge ruled Obamacare is unconstitutional. Here's what that means for you.

The nation’s health program, also known as Obamacare, isn’t going away anytime soon.


24 Health Insurance Terms Explained in Plain English

Learn what premiums, deductibles, copays are and how they work together.


Why Republicans are being forced to play defense on health care

Republicans are all talk and little action on protecting pre-existing conditions.


Republicans say they’re protecting people with pre-existing conditions. That’s not true.

Republicans are staring down their own records on health care.