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Facebook is launching a fact-checking team in Canada to fight fake news

The social media giant has already launched fact-checking initiatives in 14 countries, including the U.S.
Rachel Browne

We Spoke to a Guy Teaching the Queensland Police About Islamic Culture

With counter-terrorism operations producing a surprisingly low number of convictions, Queensland Police are learning the difference between what's suspicious and simply unfamiliar.
Edward Richards

How Australia Arrested a German Skate Hero on the High Seas

In 2010 former pro-skater Holger Sander was arrested for allegedly transporting 400 kilograms of cocaine to Australia. Here's his story.
Julian Morgans
asia & pacific

China Is Staking Stronger Claims in the South China Sea on Eve of Kerry's Beijing Visit

China is creating larger islands in the South China Sea so as to control more of those waters; the US and neighboring countries object.
Scott Mitchell

Some Portraits of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran

Over the past decade, Myuran Sukumaran painted countless portraits of those around him. We asked some artists to return the favour.
Julian Morgans

Australia Allegedly Pressured Human Rights Chief to Quit After Report on Children in Detention

The Australian Federal Police are investigating whether the government tried to corruptly entice Gillian Triggs into leaving her post as Human Rights Commission president.
Scott Mitchell

Breaking Down the Official Review of the Siege in Martin Place

The story it tells of the 'Sydney siege' gunman, particularly of his encounters with ASIO and the AFP, is deeply strange.
Girard Dorney

Australia's Best Failed Drug Smuggling Efforts of 2014

Wine casks and lava lamps are two of the more surprising ways people tried to bring drugs into Australia with last year.
Max Rann
Islamic State

Islamic State Releases Video Allegedly Showing Woman Being Stoned to Death by Her Father

A woman accused of committing adultery is shown being stoned to death by her father and Islamic State fighters in the countryside of Hama.
Kayla Ruble

Australian Police are Downplaying their Suicide Problem

Officially, 47 Australian police officers died by suicide between 2000 and 2011. The real number is undoubtedly higher.
Julian Morgans

Was the Islamic State Really Behind the Beheading Plot in Australia?

Hundreds of Australian law enforcement officers were involved in an early-morning raid that, authorities say, foiled a terror plot dreamed up by agents of the Islamic State. But an anaylst doubts the notorious Middle Eastern terror group was invovled.
Scott Mitchell