African National Congress

South African farmers

South Africa isn't happy with Trump's tweet about their country's white farmers

Some say it's a naked attempt to animate his base with a racially loaded issue at a time when his administration is in trouble.
Tim Hume
South Africa

South Africa has a new president after Zuma finally stands down

Jacob Zuma was pushed out over corruption allegations.
Tim Hume

South African president refusing to step down over corruption scandal

Whatever happens, it looks like Jacob Zuma's days are numbered.
Tim Hume

South Africa's ruling ANC got the worst clobbering since the end of apartheid

The party of Nelson Mandela, which has ruled for 22 years, got punished by voters as corruption allegations swirl.
Tess Owen

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hillary Clinton gets a commanding lead in the polls, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson sues the police and city of Baton Rouge, and more.
VICE Staff

The British Army's Secret Plan to Keep South Africa's Ruling Party in Power

Also revealed: the army's links to a controversial mining company.
Phil Miller
South Africa

South African President Jacob Zuma Just Survived an Impeachment Vote

Facing a scandal related to $16 million in state funds spent on renovating his home, Zuma's ANC ruling party managed to shield him from impeachment efforts brought by the opposition party, but the country's economy may suffer as a result.
VICE News and Reuters

South Africa Announces Spending Cuts As Fears of Recession Loom

After several years of a weakened economy and slow growth rates, the country's finance minister introduced strong austerity measures and tax hikes in the annual budget speech on Wednesday.
Kayla Ruble

South Africa Plans to Leave the ICC After Ignoring Order to Arrest Sudan’s President

South Africa reportedly plans to leave the International Criminal Court, a move that comes a week after the country asked for more time to explain why it failed to detain Sudan’s president earlier this year.
Reuters and VICE News

Controversial South African 'Security' Operation Nets 1,650 Undocumented Migrants

Human rights groups have criticized police raids that have resulted in 3,914 arrests and led to the deportation of more than 400 migrants from Mozambique.
Kayla Ruble

Brawl Erupts In South Africa's Parliament During President Jacob Zuma's Speech

Opposition members were asked to leave after interrupting the head of state's national address, causing chaos to unfold that resulted in multiple injuries.
Kayla Ruble

Video Shows Brawl Break Out in South African Parliament After President Is Called a 'Thief'

Tensions escalated between politicians during the National Assembly session following a vote that let President Jacob Zuma off the hook for home remodeling expenses.
Kayla Ruble