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What If Technology Could Put a Sunset in Your Home?

Graduate Daria Jelonek explores how natural wonders might be incorporated into our everyday appliances, and in doing so asks us to reconsider how we view our contemporary technology.


Try and Look Away From These Satisfying, Perfectly Looped Animations

German designer Branco Rooijakkers’s mesmerizing loops defy all laws of physics.


Jaw-Dropping Cinemagraphs Show Waves Are Works of Natural Art

Dutch cinematographer Armand Dijcks animated the ocean stills of Australian photographer Ray Collins into a sequence of seascape vignettes.


Mysterious Noir Vibes Infuse This Ghostly Animation

Distilled photographic compositions create a mysterious, enigmatic feel in Art&Graft​'s animated short. ​


A Trippy Desert Mirage Emerges in a New Animated Music Video

Miami based musician and animator, Niko Javan, made the visuals for his own song ‘Mental.’


Dive into a Hypercolored World of 3D Animation and Groovy Computer Rituals

Motion capture technology and a plethora of 3D software are the ingredients for Ian Valentine’s digital art.


Hundreds of Animators Collaborated on This Free Kinetic Typeface

Static type might as well be invisible next to these bouncing glyphs.


Vintage Infomercials Get Cut in an Animated Collage Music Video

Digital artist Russ Murphy collages together visuals for Thelonious Martin’s "Infomercial."


'Adultland' Animation Shows the Lengths We'll Go to Add Excitement to Our Boring Lives

Take a stroll down the dangerous road of adulthood in Cornelius Joksch’s introspective short film.


Liquid CGI Skulls Make Death and Taxes Actually Look Appealing

Artist Chadwick Makela got his start in ceramics. Now, he makes visuals for Coachella and A$AP Rocky.


Trip Through an Animated Alien World with a Cyclops Monk [Premiere]

There's a wicked dose of alien psychedelia in video artist and animator Curtis Peel's music video for Eric Krasno’s “On the Rise.”


[NSFW] The Surreal CGI Sex-Worlds of El Popo Sangre

The Paris-based artist talks about creating narrative universes through his 3D art practice.