DJ Koze’s ‘Knock Knock’ Is a Love Letter to the After-Party

Usually, dance music is for the club or the comedown. But with his latest album the German producer has gifted a soundtrack to the sesh.
Matthew Francey

This Scottish Comedian's Bizarre Sketches About Partying are Horrifyingly Accurate

A chillingly accurate portrait of the world of crushed pills and half smoked cigs.
Angus Harrison
the afterparty

Sun Ra’s 'There Are Other Worlds' Is the Best Comedown Song of All Time

People will have a lot of opinions about the best song to listen to when coming down from psychedelics. Though you may have the chillest or most vibe-y track in mind, "There Will Be Other Worlds" is more honest. It sounds like how a comedown feels.
Zach Sokol

Walking Home After a Night Out Is the Best Decision You'll Make All Summer

This summer, delete Uber and take the long way round.
Angus Harrison

We Went to Rob Ford’s Post-Funeral Party to Hear the Best and Worst Ford Stories

One supporter compared his fall to that of Jesus's betrayal by the Romans. She didn't say who Judas was.
Jake Kivanc
festivals 2016

TSR Airlines: DJ Dan Mancini on Scorpions in Bed and Puking Lobster Butter

Ahead of their performance at Auckland City Limits and the NOISEY official after party, the LA-based Kiwi duo have made us a wild mix that includes Elton John, Grace Jones covering Joy Division and Nigerian disco.
Frances Morton

Surreal, Color-Soaked Photographs of a High-Fashion After Party

Photographer Daniel Scott's came away with some surreal images from the after party for YSL's latest event in LA.
Elizabeth Renstrom
The Brit Awards 2015

Ed Sheeran Had a Big One Last Night, and Grime Superstar Big Narstie Went along with Him

"I came out the toilet, asked Ed’s mum if she was alright. Me and Momma E started skanking in the middle of the dance floor."
Joe Zadeh

I Had to Survive London Fashion Week on Free Gifts Alone

For the whole five days, I stole everything I ate, drank, wore and watched.
Jack Mills
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Don't Tell ANYONE About Our Not-So-Secret-Secret-Show With Hot Chip DJs In Chicago, OK?

This week, head to the after-party in Chicago featuring Ryan Hemsworth, Youth Code & more....
VICE Staff

The VICE Guide to Raving

Everyone's a raver now. “Guitar music is dead” is the kind of thing your dad says—that’s how dead it is. Now, it’s all beats and bells and whistles. The future you glimpsed in 90s movies, when everyone's into techno and has slime-green hair, is upon us.
VICE Staff

The Best EDCNY After-Parties

Oh, you wanna party past 11pm? Let us be your guide...