'Natural' Sugars Are Not Better for You Than Regular Sugar

Experts tell us why using agave, coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup, or any other sweetener with a health halo is not going to make you any healthier.


Mexico Is Zero Percent Happy About Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila'

“We will fight Big Tequila!” he tweeted on Wednesday. Of course you will. ​


This Team of Booze All-Stars Is Making Mezcal Sustainable

Sombra Mezcal is designed to be beneficial for both the land and the indigenous community in Oaxaca.


Blueberry Chia Pudding Recipe

Prep all of the components of this pudding the night before, and you'll wake up to an easy, healthy, elegant, delicious breakfast.


How the Jalisco Highlands Are Reshaping Tequila’s Reputation

Terroir is just as important to tequila as it is to wine, and agave that grows at a high elevation produces a smoother tequila with more tropical flavors.


Your Mezcal Might Literally Be Made with Love

Back in the day, people working the fields would carve their lovers’ names into agave leaves, hoping for good luck in romance. Some of those same plants could have been used to make the mezcal you sip today.


The Art of Drinking Mezcal Made from Wild Agave

As its name suggests, wild agave isn't cultivated like the plants used to make most of the mezcal out there—and drinking mezcal made from it is a whole new experience.


Don’t You Dare Waste a Single Drop of Mezcal

I followed the distillers behind GEM&BOLT mezcal to see how the spirit was produced, from agave to bottle. Spoiler: The process is fucking magical.


End Your Suffering at Guadalajara’s Best Mezcal Bar

Pare de Sufrir—or "end your suffering"—offers 70 brands of mezcal from producers around Mexico, including a special variety made with chicken breast.


This Mezcal Company Thinks Donald Trump Is a 'Pendejo'

This small-scale mezcal company launched a guerrilla smear campaign against the Republican candidate, wheat-pasting thousands of posters that simply read: “Donald Eres Un Pendejo.”


We Spoke to the LA Bartender Who Smokes Cocktails with a Bong

Really, when you think about it, a bong is like a decanter, except one is used for purifying marijuana smoke and the other is used for purifying the residual ABV from wine.


The Car of the Future Might Be Made from Tequila Waste

Ford has teamed up with Jose Cuervo to develop a bioplastic made from the fibers of the agave plant left over from the tequila-making process, which could soon find its way into cars.