The History of Sadomasochism Is Strange, Dark, and Occasionally Sweet

The ideas behind it originated in some dark places but have become much less creepy and more consensual over time.
Eric Spitznagel

Low Testosterone May Make You a Better Father

It could make men more empathic and less aggressive.
Brenda Volling
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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Pretends to Be Canadian When He Travels

The 'New York Times' best-selling author skewers the American underbelly in his new book 'America 51.'
Corey Taylor
sexual assault

New Report Exposes How Schools Dismiss Rape as 'Hazing' or 'Bullying'

In an expansive investigation on student sexual assault, the Associated Press discovered about 17,000 official reports of sexual violence by students in grades K-12 over a recent four-year period.
Kimberly Lawson
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Sociopaths Are Everywhere, But Not Because of Video Games

Fear of gamers becoming desensitized and aggressive is overblown.
Jesse Hicks
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How to Become an Internet Troll in Five Easy Steps

New research shows that just about anyone will post a vile comment on the internet.
Denny Watkins

People Who Take Revenge Do It to Restore Inner Peace, Study Says

We talked to a researcher behind a new study on the motivations behind revenge to find out why burning all your ex's clothes just feels right.
Kimberly Lawson
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A Chinese Warship Stole an Unmanned American Drone in the South China Sea

The unmanned, underwater vehicle was reportedly measuring oceanic activity in the region when a small crew from the Chinese warship swooped in and stole it in front of the US crew.
VICE Staff

Ray Edwards Is Done With The NFL, But Still Ready To Fight

For seven years, Ray Edwards was an ace pass-rusher in the NFL. When his football career ended earlier than expected, he set out to become a heavyweight contender.
Tim Casey

The Way You Walk May Reveal How Aggressive You Are

A new, exploratory study that looks at the correlation between personality traits and your gait indicates that body language can speak volumes.
Kimberly Lawson

Does Living with a Step- or Half-Sibling Make Children More Aggressive?

A recent study found that children who live with step- or half-siblings are more likely to behave aggressively than kids who don't. We got in touch with the lead researcher to figure out why.
Sophie Saint Thomas

Some Genius Has Made an App to Help Angry Douchebags Fight Each Other

Rumblr is like Tinder, but with a Fight Club twist.
Julian Morgans