Alleged Dark Web Gun Runners Smuggled Weapons in DVD Players, Karaoke Machines

The arrests come more than three years after their alleged last sale.


This Horrible Trump Thing: Inside Prophets of Rage's Battle at the RNC

In an interview before their set, the supergroup told us they got together to be an alternative voice in angry year. But how clearly could that voice be heard in the middle of the chaos in Cleveland?


Scams and Undercover Cops Are Denting the Dark Web Gun Trade

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Dark web drug dealing gets artificially intelligent.


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The Dark Web’s Biggest Marketplace Is Going on Hiatus

Agora admins say they plan to take the site offline while they work on a potential security issue.


The Biggest Dark Web Markets Rake in Up to $500,000 a Day, Study Says

Some dealers have also traded over $1 million in product.


An Indian ISP Says Authorities Asked It to Block Access to Dark Web Marketplaces

Looks like India is concerned about more than porn.


​The Dark Web’s Biggest Market Is Going to Stop Selling Guns

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​Dark Web Spam Is Stealing People’s Bitcoins

A scam targeting users of the Agora market is trying to steal from those who fall for the con.


More People Started Buying Drugs on the Darknet *After* Silk Road Shut Down

A global survey of 100,000 people shows Silk Road’s closure didn’t do much of anything.