Ahmed Mohamed


Ahmed Mohamed, the Clock Kid, Is Suing His Former Texas Town for Discrimination

The suit claims that Mohamed felt he had been treated unfairly as a Muslim student since arriving in Irving, Texas.


Texas Police Won’t Release Video of High Schooler Ahmed Mohamed's Arrest

The Irving, Texas police department says a whole host of documents relating to his arrest are not subject to public disclosure.


The Feds Are Now Investigating the Case of the 'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the Justice Department will examine whether Mohamed's civil rights were violated when he was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.


The 'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed Wants $15 Million and an Apology

The 14-year-old student and his family have demanded compensation and a written apology over the incident earlier this year in which his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb.


Police Emails About Ahmed Mohamed: 'This Is What Happens When We Screw Up'

Motherboard has obtained 280 pages of internal emails the Irving Police Department sent about Ahmed Mohamed.


Texas Police Threatened to Arrest Ahmed Mohamed's Father, Internal Memos Show

"Why don't you take your son and leave before we criminally trespass you from the police department."


Ahmed the Clock Kid Peaces Out, Moves to Qatar

"Fuck the haters!" one assumes he said during takeoff.


Ben Carson Reminds Us That America Loves to Hate Muslims

Instead of being shamed for saying that a Muslim should never be the President of the United States, Ben Carson has seen a surge in donations and an increase in Facebook followers.


Texas Teen Arrested for Bringing Clock To Class Plans To Switch Schools

Ahmed Mohamed made national headlines last Monday after he was detained and handcuffed by police on suspicion of bringing a "hoax bomb" to his suburban Dallas high school. It turned out to be a clock.


Dallas Hackers Are Already Helping Ahmed Mohamed with His Next Inventions

Dallas hackers have bought new gadgets for a 14-year-old who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.


This Homemade Clock Got a Muslim Teen Arrested at School

Ahmed Mohamed will not be charged.


A Muslim Kid Got Arrested Because His Teacher Thought His Homemade Clock Was a Bomb

He repeatedly tried to explain to teachers and the police that the device was just a clock but wound up in handcuffs anyway.