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You Can See Smoke from the California Wildfires All the Way Over in NYC

It traveled 3,000 miles and formed a visible haze in parts of New Jersey and New York.
River Donaghey
dirty air

Air Pollution Can Make Us Dumber, Study Finds

Seniors and men are especially vulnerable to cognitive decline due to dirty air.
Becky Ferreira
You're Smarter Than That

We Don’t Need to Freak Out About ‘Toxic Mold' After a Hurricane

The final word on the mythical monster.
Farah Naz Khan

China Tries 'Vertical Forests' for its Air Pollution Problem

They might not fix it, but they'll look good trying.
Nick Keppler

London's Air Pollution Is Still So Bad It's Illegal

How did it get to the point where walking down a city street literally comes with a health warning?
Lucy Jones

I Put an Air Quality Monitor on My Bike And Went Looking For Smog

A new project in Toronto is keeping tabs on the city’s air quality.
Amanda Roth

Motorways Are Building Roadside Barriers to Shield Towns from Pollution

But improving air quality isn't the same as actually tackling emissions.
Victoria Turk

'Digioxide' Is an Art Solution to Cities' Quiet Air Quality Acquiescence

Bringing confrontation to the everyday pollution experience.
Michael Byrne
This Week in Racism

Donald Sterling Has Cancer and Was Banned from Nevada's Most Famous Brothel

As if his year couldn't get any worse, Donald Sterling has also been banned from the Bunny Ranch, a famous house of legal prostitution near Carson City, Nevada. No tears for Caesar.
Dave Schilling
Motherboard Blog

The One Thing China Can Do to Clean Its Air

It's not clean energy or technology.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Montreal To Say Au Revoir to Fireplaces

When there's "something in the air," it won't be romance or fine particulates. C'est la vie, right?
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Fighting China's Pollution Propaganda, with Glowing Robot Kites for the People

Beijing’s got air issues. Dust and fumes blow in from out-of-province factories and the city suffers from the exhaust of more than five million cars. Until recently, officials in the Chinese capital half-boasted that 2,000 new cars were joining its...
Joshua Frank