Boeing to Update Planes' Software After Two Deadly Crashes

The company says it has been working on an update to the system implicated in a deadly 2018 crash.
Sarah Emerson
government shutdown

"We cannot even calculate the level of risk" during the shutdown, airline workers say

Air traffic controllers, flight attendants, and pilots are saying that critical resources and security measures are strained.
Emma Ockerman
The Weakest Link

How Hackers Sell Luxury Hotel Rooms for Next to Nothing

From Bangkok to New York, fraudsters have an established, underground market of selling dirt cheap rooms at 5 star hotels as well as international flights.
Joseph Cox

Don’t Buy This: Never Pay to Check a Bag at the Airport

Remember, you never need more than seven days worth of clothing — all of which should easily fit in a carry-on bag.
Melissa Locker
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Delta Tied a Woman with MS to a Wheelchair After Her Flight, Son Claims

An airline employee allegedly told her to "shut the fuck up" when she started crying.
Drew Schwartz
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A Puppy Died Mid-Flight After United Crammed It into an Overhead Bin

"They INSISTED that the puppy be locked up for three hours without any kind of airflow."
Drew Schwartz
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College Kid Flushed Support Hamster Down Toilet After Airline Wouldn't Let It Fly

"I didn’t have any other options," she said.
Opheli Garcia Lawler

This Guy Put on Ten Layers of Clothes When He Was Unable to Pay a Bag Fee

Designer Ryan Hawaii was turned away from two flights in Iceland after putting on all the extra clothing weighing down his luggage.
Lauren Messman
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Thousands of Holiday Flights Don't Have Pilots After a Glitch at American Airlines

Apparently the carrier's computer system allowed way too many crew members to take time off in December.
Drew Schwartz
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An Airline Is Serving Beer Specially Crafted to Taste Best at 35,000 Feet

Cathay Pacific introduced its new brew, Betsy, to passengers Wednesday, which is apparently best enjoyed in a cramped metal tube miles above the Earth.
Anna Langston

An Airline Exec Said In-Flight 'Muslim' Meals Could Be Used to Profile Travelers

Should airline passengers worry about ordering halal?
Jelisa Castrodale

This Canadian Is Trying to Stop Delta From Charging Larger Passengers for Two Seats

Gabor Lukacs says Delta is discriminating against larger passengers, and he's taking to the Canadian courts to try and force the American airline to stop.
Tamara Khandaker