How to Cancel Your Flight for Free

Travel plans change. That doesn’t mean you should have to pay $200 for the privilege of switching to another flight.
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I've Saved Thousands of Dollars Using These Travel Hacks

It’s taken me 32 years of traveling to curate these money-saving travel hacks most people never consider.
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Use These Travel Hacks to Get Free Stuff from Your Airline

Insider tips on scoring free flight vouchers, food or even a sweet hotel room.
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Don't Buy This: Travel Insurance Is Usually a Waste of Money

Save your vacation dollars for the fun stuff instead.
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One Passenger Is Dead After an Engine Exploded on a Southwest Flight

This is the first death on a US airline in more than nine years.
Mack Lamoureux
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Being a Pilot is Even More Stressful Than Being a Passenger

“Now it’s acceptable to talk about the stress. It’s not the days of the tough guys anymore.”
Nicole Wetsman
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A Puppy Died Mid-Flight After United Crammed It into an Overhead Bin

"They INSISTED that the puppy be locked up for three hours without any kind of airflow."
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These God-Awful Travel Stories Will Make You Cancel Your Next Vacation

Waking up in the wrong city, pissed-on luggage, kidnapping. Sometimes getting there isn't worth it.
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Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Flight Attendant

Our sky mole reveals everything from how to join the mile-high club and score seat upgrades to what drinks you absolutely must avoid.
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Thousands of Holiday Flights Don't Have Pilots After a Glitch at American Airlines

Apparently the carrier's computer system allowed way too many crew members to take time off in December.
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Passengers Went Nuts in a Florida Airport After Spirit Canceled Flights

Just another day in the life of America's bizarro airline industry.
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Why Air Travel in America Is Such a Disaster

Do you hate how airlines treat you? Blame decades of deregulation and consolidation.
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