The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump attacks FBI and DOJ ahead of memo release, 12-year-old girl booked after school shooting, Donald Trump Jr. suggests key FBI official was "fired," and more.
VICE Staff

Why Coalition Airstrikes Killed So Many More Civilians in the Middle East in 2017

There was a 42 percent increase in civilian deaths from 2016.
Bruno Bayley

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Billionaire George Soros pledges $10 million to fight hate crimes, computer scientists urge Hillary Clinton to call for a recount in three key states, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Snap polls suggest Hillary Clinton won the first debate, Colombia's government and the FARC rebel group sign a peace deal, water plumes may have been spotted above Jupiter's moon, and more.
VICE Staff

What Life Is Like Inside the Besieged, War-Torn Syrian City of Aleppo

Constant bombing attacks, the destruction of hospitals and schools, and the severing of supply chains have left Aleppo and its estimated 320,000 remaining citizens in dire straits.
Molly Crabapple

We Spoke to One of the Few Journalists Covering the Syrian Civil War in Aleppo

Rami Jarrah, also known by his alias, Alexander Page, says Russian and Syrian airstrikes are targeting residential areas, not just areas controlled by rebels or ISIS.
Brigitte Noël and Stéphanie Quevillon

We Asked an Expert What Britain's Bombing of Syria Will Actually Achieve

Though the UK's decision to launch airstrikes in Syria was hotly debated and met with protests, it's a largely symbolic move.
Sirin Kale

We Asked an Expert Why Australia Has Stopped Bombing Syria

It was revealed earlier this week that Australian forces haven't flown a mission in Syria since Russia became involved. No official reason has been given.
VICE Staff

We Spoke to the Lawyer Advising Australians Who Want to Illegally Fight the Islamic State

Fighting in Syria and Iraq is illegal, even if you join the Kurds against the Islamic State. Adelaide lawyer and war veteran Ralph Bleechmore offers advice to those who want to go anyway.
Edward Richards
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Arming the Kurds, Shooting at Aussies, and Other Things that Aren't Controversial

At the request of the United States, Australia will be delivering arms and ammunition to the Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State in Northern Iraq.
Girard Dorney