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How Worried Should You Be About the AK-47 Company’s New Killer Robots?

Russia-based Kalashnikov Group says it's developing a military AI. But don't panic quite yet.
David Axe

What Happens When You Fire an AK-47 at an iPad? An Artist Investigates

Dani Ploeger plays with the juxtaposition of technology and war in his new work 'Assault.'
Catherine Chapman

What I Saw at an All-Ages Machine-Gun Party

Machine-gun lovers of all ages gathered in Casper, Wyoming, this spring to share in the joy of fully automatic rifles and artillery.
Nathan C. Martin

A Vietnamese Art Collective Is Making Commercials for Communism

Blending film and sculpture, the Propeller Group comes to the US for their self-titled first solo show.
B. David Zarley

A Man Died After Shooting a Firefighter During a Six-Hour Standoff With Police on Staten Island

By the time the dust settled, Garland Tyree had sprayed bullets from an automatic rifle across his neighborhood, shot a firefighter in the leg, and detonated a smoke grenade in his home.
Drew Schwartz
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Cooking Bacon on the Barrel of Your Gun Is the Most American Thing Ever

Gun enthusiasts are taking to YouTube to show off their favorite new culinary appliance for cooking up a few bacon strips: assault rifles. This is the new face of patriotism.
Hilary Pollack

The World's Most Famous Assault Rifle Is Getting Rebranded

The AK-47 is possibly the most recognizable weapon on earth, and it's getting a new logo and ad campaign.
Ben Makuch

Weed Pizza and AK-47s: My Summer Vacation in Cambodia

I came to Cambodia to live out the dream I had entertained since my days as a young boy watching endless action movies and filling my youthful hours with GI Joes and Nerf guns: I was going to shoot an AK-47.
Karl Hess

Mexican Narco Music Is the Soundtrack to the War on Drugs

Mexico's <i>narcocorrido</i> music genre and subculture openly celebrates the most extreme aspects of the country's drug war.
VICE Staff
Motherboard Blog

The Inventions Their Inventors Have Lived To Regret

While he denied it all his life, Mikhail Kalashnikov came to feel remorse at what the AK-47 had done in the world.
Meghan Neal
Motherboard Blog

The Kalashnikov Legacy, in One GIF

The designer of the AK-47 died this week, but there are 100 million of his killer creations out there.
Victoria Turk