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Rise Up

This Campaign Wants Justice for Meek Mill and the Nearly 5 Million People on Unfair Probation

#Cut50 has created a campaign around Mill’s case to draw attention to the hardships of the millions of Americans who are on probation or parole.
Demetria Irwin
Noisey News

Reverend Al Sharpton to Meet Meek Mill in Prison on Monday

“I think this is about an injustice that is representative of many young men of color that face an abuse of a probation or parole system,” the civil rights activist said of Meek Mill's incarceration.
Alex Robert Ross
Desus & Mero

Al Sharpton Describes His Rocky Relationship with Trump on 'Desus & Mero'

The MSNBC host and civil rights activist stopped by the VICELAND show to talk about Barack Obama, James Brown, and FOX News.
Sarah Bellman
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Steve Aoki Took A Bunch of Selfies at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

His photos include Al Sharpton, Arianna Huffington, and Bill Nye, and lots of Jared Leto.
Michael Scott Barron

Where Does the Black Lives Matter Movement Go From Here?

After a rough stretch defined by the murder of two cops in Brooklyn, can the police reform crowd actually bring changes to the criminal justice system?
John Surico
The Fear Digest

Muslims, Gay People, Mitt Romney and Other Things That Freaked Out America This Week

Our weekly rundown of terror and fear.
Harry Cheadle

Al Sharpton Is Struggling to Control the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement

Al Sharpton attracted a huge crowd at his Justice for All March, but there are signs that "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" may have moved beyond his control.
Matt Laslo

The Bizarre Alliance of Rand Paul and Al Sharpton

Why Rand Paul kissed the Reverend's ring at breakfast this week.
Grace Wyler
This Week in Racism

Is That Viral Catcalling Video Racist?

The recent viral sensation exposes very real problems with how men treat women, but some pundits are now claiming that the video's racial politics are problematic.
Dave Schilling

Al Sharpton Is a Huge Fraud

Though casting himself as a bold teller of truths, more often than not the Reverend Al Sharpton serves the agenda of those in power.
Michael Tracey

Politicians and Police Celebrate the 'Right Way' to Protest Police Brutality

Politicians praised this weekend's protest against the NYPD for being calm and orderly, but "calm and orderly" doesn't always bring about change.
Aaron Miguel Cantú

The Mainstreaming of Al Sharpton

How Al Sharpton transformed from FBI informant to political powerbroker.
Grace Wyler