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steve sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian Hired as Falcons Offensive Coordinator

Where Alabama and Atlanta were losers in their respective title games, Steve Sarkisian was a winner.
Joseph Flynn

The Making of Julio Jones

Julio Jones was a legend in the town of Foley, Alabama. He was a legend in Tuscaloosa. And now he may become a Super Bowl legend.
Eric Nusbaum

The Case for Alabama is That They're Freaking Alabama

They have the best coaches and the best players. They're going to be tough to beat.
Kevin Trahan

The Case for Clemson Against Alabama: They're the Only Ones Who Can Do It

Alabama is the best team in the country, but Clemson is the team best suited to pick them off.
Kevin Trahan
lane kiffin

Lane Kiffin Left Behind by Alabama Buses Once More for Old Times' Sake

It's the second time in as many years the Alabama buses have left kiffin high and dry.
Sean Newell
college football playoff

Making the Case for Washington Against Alabama

Alabama has not seen a team like the Huskies yet this year.
Kevin Trahan
nick saban

Nick Saban Is an Insane Person: Vol. 1,277,045

Nick Saban does not have sit here and listen to your "Is it OK to lose?" questions.
Sean Newell

Alabama QB Blake Barnett May Have Found a Loophole in NCAA Transfer Rules

Blake Barnett is transferring from Alabama and because of the timing and the amount of credits he has, he could play for another team next year.
Kevin Trahan

Nick Saban Has Destroyed Auburn's Capacity for Joy

The Auburn job is a sucker's bet as long as Nick Saban is at Alabama.
Kevin Trahan
college football

Felony Stolen Gun Charges Against Alabama Football Players Dropped Because They are Football Players

Because they have been working and sweating, a couple of football players won't face felony stolen gun charges, among others.
Sean Newell

An Amoeba is Eating An Alabama Football Player's Eye

Long story short: don't let an amoeba get in your eye.
Sean Newell
college football playoff championship

Clemson Can Beat Alabama in the Championship Game by Staying Loose

Clemson and Dabo Swinney can beat Alabama and Nick Saban in the College Football Playoff championship game by playing fast, loose, and free.
Michael Weinreb