Alan Jones


The Struggle and Hustle of Trying to Sell a Documentary at Toronto's Hoc Docs Festival

Hot Docs is one of the most prestigious documentary film festivals in the world, which means that it's also a marketplace with millions of dollars at stake.


Nation's Most Prestigious Weed Editor Didn't Get to Where He Is by Being a Giant Pothead

We nerded out about pot with the Denver Post's weed editor.


Students in Quebec Are Planning One of the Largest Strikes in Canadian History

There have been rumors of more mass protests in Quebec every year since 2012's "maple spring," but it might actually happen this time around.


Someone Dug a Mysterious 33-Foot Tunnel Under Toronto

"The evidence says that we do not understand why it was built or who built it," a police official said at a press conference.


Countering Jihadist Propaganda Is Harder Than It Seems

The Canadian government has launched a new program to stop young people from being radicalized, but its success is far from certain.


An Oral History of 'Street Cents': The Best Kids' Show in Canadian TV History

Street Cents spent 17 years on the air, but those early, weird years endeared the show to Canadian youth. Several of the show's architects and principal characters share what it was like at the time.


Is Medicinal Marijuana Finally Coming to Australia?

It looks like the country is finally going to soften its unusually harsh cannabis laws, but skeptics say that the government is moving too slowly and will repeat the mistakes other nations have made.


Australia Blasts For the Past by Bringing Back Knights and Dames

In a throwback to medieval times, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reintroduced the honor of the Knights and Dames of the Order of Australia.


Australia Has Knights Again

It's a moment for celebration, if only for the fact that it's the first actual thing the Abbott Government has contributed.