Albert Woodfox


Albert Woodfox Is Finally Free After Three Decades in Solitary Confinement

After pleading no contest Friday, the last incarcerated member of the 'Angola Three' tasted freedom.


Albert Woodfox of the Angola Three Might Go on Trial for a Third Time

A judge had ordered the 68-year-old, who's been in solitary for most of his life, released from the Louisiana state prison known as Angola in June.


The Last of the Angola Three Is Staying in Prison for at Least Two More Months

A judge ordered Woodfox's immediate release after 43 years in prison this week, but Louisiana successfully delayed the ruling for at least a couple more months.


Court Blocks Release of ‘Angola Three’ Inmate Who Has Spent 40 Years in Solitary Confinement

A federal appeals court blocked the release of Albert Woodfox on Friday, ruling that he will remain in prison pending a decision on whether he can be retried.


How the Angola Three Became National Symbols of Injustice

Albert Woodfox has been in solitary confinement since the 1970s, and he's supposed to be let out this week—but Louisiana is dragging its feet.


Louisiana Blocks Release of 'Angola Three' Inmate

A federal court granted Louisiana's request to delay the release of Angola Three prisoner Albert Woodfox until Friday.


Last of the 'Angola Three' Set to Be Released After 43 Years in Solitary Confinement

Albert Woodfox, 68, is one of three high-profile prisoners convicted of killing a prison officer in 1972 in Louisiana. The state has an infamously high incarceration rate and harsh penitentiary system.