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©©'s New Album Is a Dog-Eared Postcard From Off the Grid

Stream the elusive producer’s ‘People, Places, Patterns’ before it comes out June 27 on Jungle Gym Records.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Bookworms Wants Listeners to Dig for Music’s Roots with His New Album

Stream ‘Appropriation Loops’ in full ahead of its release next week on Break World Records.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Stream Japanese Electronic Pioneer Ryuichi Sakamoto's First Album in Eight Years

Hear 'The Revenant' composer's full-length LP 'async' before it comes out April 28 on Milan Records.
Corinne Przybyslawski
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Dive Into the Calming Vortex of Tornado Wallace's Debut Album 'Lonely Planet'

We caught up with Melbourne-via-Berlin producer Lewie Day along with a full-stream of his stunning new LP on Gerd Janson's Running Back label.
David Garber

Kornél Kovács is Making House Music Fun Again

Loopy and full of life, 'The Bells' is the Stockholm-based, Studio Barnhus producer’s debut album—and best work yet.
Bruce Tantum
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Scott Hardware’s 'Mutate Repeat Infinity' Is a Dance-Pop Meditation on Capitalism and Queerness

Stream the Toronto musician’s intimate EP before it comes out June 24 on Banko Gotiti Records.
Benjamin Boles
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Stream RJD2's New Philly Soul-Influenced Album 'Dame Fortune' Now

Hear the veteran American producer's latest record ahead of its March 25 release.
Benjamin Boles

Montreal Dancehall Ambassador Poirier's New Album Was Inspired by Global Migration

Stream his latest record on NICE UP! Records here a week before it comes out.
Son Raw
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Stream Montreal's Essaie Pas' Slinky New Album 'Demain Est Une Autre Nuit' Now

The experimental duo's record comes out Feb. 19 on DFA.
Benjamin Boles
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​Stream CFCF's Serene New Mini-Album 'On Vacation' Right Now

Hear the Grammy-nominated Montreal artist's new album on International Feel a few days early.
Benjamin Boles
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: I'm Aaron Carter, and This Pocket Hercules Album Sucks

VICE staffer River Donaghey is releasing an album next week, so we asked Aaron Carter to give it a listen.
Aaron Carter
VICE Premiere

Stream Exhumed's New Album, 'Gore Metal: A Necrospective'

The band recently re-recorded their seminal 1998 album because the original lacked the sonic depth and pure metal aggression that they were going for.
Charlie Ambler