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​A New Weapon for SWAT Teams: Bomb-Squad Robots

Police departments around the country are deploying robots to defuse bombs and handle standoffs—and they may be getting increasingly weaponized.
Andy Beale
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Reports Suggest Body Cameras Are Only Effective When Cops Can’t Turn Them Off

Incidents where body cameras were either switched off or manipulated highlight oversight issues as police departments across the US adopt the technology.
Arijeta Lajka
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The 'Charlie Hebdo' Attacks Showed When We Need Cops

We should salute cops when they do their jobs, but law enforcement heroism can't be used to delay police reform.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Want to Keep the Cops Out of Your Phone? A Fingerprint Scanner Won't Help

Law enforcement agents can make you swipe a finger to unlock your cell phone, but old-school passwords still offer some measure of privacy.
Lucy Steigerwald

Albuquerque Hosted a Dumb Police Shooting Contest

The same department responsible for killing 27 people in the past four years thought it was a good idea for officers to participate in the "National Police Shooting Competition."
Andy Tenido
The True Crime Issue

Who Is the West Mesa Bone Collector?

Five years after Albuquerque's "crime of the century," police have few clues about what happened to 11 women found buried on the West Mesa.
Grace Wyler
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Brutal Albuquerque Homeless Murders Highlight Severe Police Mistrust

The disturbing killing of two homeless men in New Mexico, allegedly by teens with cinder blocks, indicate dysfunctional community relations.
Kayla Ruble

How to Get More From Police Self-Surveillance: Don't Turn It Off

As the Justice Department found in New Mexico, the self-surveillance cameras used to monitor police only work when they're actually on.
John Dyer
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Why We Need Less Border Security

Too many people are getting harassed and abused by federal officers.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Cameras Weren’t Enough to Stop the Albuquerque Police from Killing a Mentally Ill Homeless Man

James Boyd ended up dead after a confrontation with officers that started because he was camping illegally.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Protests Against Police Brutality Plunge Into Chaos in New Mexico

The mayor of Albuquerque said that demonstrations over the recent police shooting of a homeless man turned into “mayhem" on Sunday.
Alice Speri