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An Ex-FBI Agent Explains Everything Wrong with the Kavanaugh Probe

From witnesses being able to just avoid the feds until the clock runs out to hamstrung agents and an enraged public, it could get ugly.
Matt Taylor

The 'Rosé All Day' Movement Is Trivializing Alcoholism

Have you been drinking up the message that we should be chugging pink wine, all the time? You might want to consider what's behind it.
Katie Fustich

What Two Nights of Heavy Drinking a Week in Your 20s Does to You

Will two to three nights of drinking really make much of an impact in the long term? I must know.
Hannah Ewens

Older Women Are Drinking More and More, Study Says

"Older women may be especially at risk for alcohol problems."
Nick Rose

The Scary Relationship Between Drinking Problems and Gun Crime

Alcohol abuse may be the single best predictor of whether you commit gun violence in America.
Kate Masters

How Many People Are Actually Vaping Alcohol?

Although it is legal to vape alcohol if you are over 21, in some states it is illegal to buy, sell or use vaping devices made specifically for alcohol.
Alex Swerdloff

Krewella Open Up About Their Breakup With Kris “Rainman” Trindl: “The Truth Is Very Ugly”

Krewella were once poster children for the burgeoning EDM movement—then alcohol abuse and lawsuits drove the group apart. What happened?
Michelle Lhooq

Scientists Have Found the Brain Cells that Tell You When to Stop Drinking

Science is finally starting to grasp why the human brain, which is designed to protect us from making stupid decisions, continues to whisper “one more,” when we are already in the throes of hardcore drinking.
Nick Rose

Middle-Aged Brits Are Pre-Gaming and Bar-Hopping as Much as Their Kids Are

Middle-aged drinkers—at least those in Britain, over the age of 35—drink pretty much like a bunch of wild teenagers.
Alex Swerdloff

America's Med Students Are a Bunch of Drunks

A study recently published in the journal Academic Medicine has found that upwards of a third of students currently enrolled in a medical school in America are regularly abusing alcohol as a method of coping with high levels of stress.
Alex Swerdloff

I’m A Drunk Who Runs A Bar

Drinking helped with a lot of my personal insecurities. It made me feel better about myself, more confident, more attractive. I enjoyed that and it really worked for me. And then, about two years ago, it stopped working.
Cameron Rector
alcohol abuse

Lawyers Are a Bunch of Drunks

A recent study funded by the Betty Ford Foundation and the American Bar Association found a significantly higher rate of alcohol abuse among lawyers than among the general population.
Nick Rose