Alcohol Addiction

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Ketamine Could Be Used to Treat Alcohol Addiction

Researchers in the UK are currently testing the way it can modify alcohol-related memories.
Alexander Iadarola
Sobriety Check

Frat Bros Are Basically Immune to Alcohol Interventions, Says Study

After compiling more than 20 years of research, psychologists have concluded that members of frats are deeply adverse to both alcohol education and intervention. They just want to keep drinking.
Helen Donahue

Do Veterans Struggling with Addiction Require Specialized Treatment?

Alcohol abuse has been a problem in the military for centuries. Tom Harrison House in Liverpool says it's the only charity running a residential rehab program exclusively for veterans with addiction problems.
Matthew Green
The Dirty Laundry Issue

A 20-Year-Old Went to Rehab and Came Home in a Body Bag

Ted Jacques enrolled his son, Brandon, in what he thought was the "best treatment center money could buy." Two months later, Brandon was dead.
Wilbert L. Cooper

OK, So I Have a Drinking Problem

I drink until there is nothing left to drink, and then I often drink some more. I can go for days without food in my apartment, but I can't stand the thought of existing in a dry household.
Megan Koester

'Drunk Mom' Tells Us What It's Like to Raise a Kid As an Addict

Jowita Bydlowska new memoir "Drunk Mom" chronicles her relapse into alcohol addiction, which coincides with her first year of motherhood. In the unflinchingly honest read, Bydlowska's countless attempts to hide her drinking are countered by her...
Monica Heisey