food news

Woman Opens Package of Sausage, Sees Terrifying Meat Face Staring Back at Her

We've all opened a package of ground meat and found a sentient, clown-like apparition, right? Right?
Jelisa Castrodale

This Ancient Prince's Tomb Was Found Between a Pub and a Supermarket

Scientists unveil new insights about the 6th century 'Prince of Prittlewell.'
Becky Ferreira
Energy Drinks

British Supermarkets Will Ban Energy Drinks for People Under 16

Public pressure to ban the drinks has been mounting due to their dangerously high caffeine content.
Mayukh Sen

Stop All the Clocks, Fat White Family's New Single Is Massive

"Breaking Into Aldi" was written with Sean Lennon and that bloke from the Black Lips, and is a prerequisite to ram-raiding a supermarket.
Noisey Staff

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Cop Got Upset Because a Store Was Selling Liquor Flavored Chips

Also this week: A woman allegedly attacked someone in an Applebee's because they weren't speaking English.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Brits Are Freaking Out About the Very, Very Bad Word on This Box of Crackers

Stock up, party people. We can foresee a black market for these boxes very soon. Now to get some Camembert and a connection to the Darknet.
Alex Swerdloff

British Dairy Farmers Are Staging Cow-Led Supermarket Protests

Dairy farmers have taken to supermarkets across the UK in protest of the milk price cuts putting many out of business. These “trolley dashes” see farmers clear shelves of milk, with some even bringing cows along.
Phoebe Hurst

The UK's Smoked Salmon Is Covered in Lice and Shit

Farmed salmon are literally living up shit creek, often suffering from chronic sea lice that quickly become immune to chemical treatment. But the even shadier side of smoked salmon is what happens when it hits the factory.
Natalie Hardwick

Christmas Ads for People Who Hate Christmas Ads

Tis the season when big advertisers roll out “emotional” commercials to try and guilt you into buying your loved ones shit they don’t need. Many people call this “the most wonderful time of the year.” You and I do not.
Mark Copyranter Duffy