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After years of decline, Mexico's murder rate is heading back to peak drug war levels

Renewed cartel violence in the first half of this year pushed up Mexico's murder rate by about 15 percent.
Nathaniel Janowitz
crime & drugs

Mexico Just Released a 19-Minute Video About El Chapo’s Recapture

The video reveals some previously unseen footage but leaves several questions unanswered about the operation, and contains an embarrassing mistake.
Jo Tuckman

City Reels After Its New Mayor Is Murdered a Day After She Took Office

Over 70 mayors have been killed over the last ten years in Mexico but while many have been rumored to have made deals with criminal groups, Gisela Mota enjoyed a clean reputation.
Jan-Albert Hootsen
crime & drugs

The People Displaced by the Hunt for El Chapo Tell of Helicopter Attacks

Escaped Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán narrowly avoided recapture in a mountain raid in October, and also left the navy facing accusations that its efforts to hunt him down included targeting the civilian population.
Daniel Hernandez

'Chapo' Prison Break Shows Just How Weak Mexico's Government Really Is

Joaquin Guzman's cinematic escape from the Altiplano federal prison in Mexico painfully exposes the weaknesses of President Enrique Peña Nieto's government.
Daniel Hernandez

Mexico Captures, Releases, Then Recaptures ‘El Menchito,’ Son of Powerful Drug Lord

Critics say the recent revolving door for 25-year-old Ruben Oseguera Gonzalez is a stark example of the Mexican justice system's corruption and ineptitude.
Duncan Tucker