• 11.10.14

      Behind the Bars: Guantánamo Bay – An Editor's Letter

      An introduction to the first installment of our new series from VICE Global Editor Alex Miller.

    • 7.9.14

      Israeli Urban Warfare

      The city has become a battlefield. As modern militaries must adapt to a landscape that often gives the upper hand to insurgents, proper training becomes more essential than ever.

    • 7.9.14

      War Games: Israeli Urban Warfare

      We embedded with an elite military unit at one of the largest and most advanced urban warfare training centers in the world.

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    • 4.22.14

      London's Holy Turf War

      Alex Miller meets the leaders and foot soldiers in Britain's holy street patrols.

    • 4.16.14

      Life as an Illegal Immigrant in Greece

      Greece has always been a gateway for immigrants searching for a better life in Europe. But many of those who crossed illegally into Greece found that they traded one bad situation for another. VICE News' Alex Miller went to Greece to find out what it...

    • 3.17.14

      Free Derry: The IRA Drug War

      VICE News reporter Alex Miller speaks to members of the Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD), who formed a coalition with the Real IRA.

    • 3.7.14

      Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Four

      At a construction site near Altamira Square protesters were scavenging materials to use as weapons and to build barricades.

    • 3.6.14

      On the Ground in Caracas

      VICE News was in Altamira Square as police and demonstrators clashed in the streets.

    • 3.3.14

      Venezuela Rising

      VICE News continues its coverage of the protests in Caracas against Nicolas Maduro's government, where opposition leaders organized a massive roadblock in the center of the city.