Alex Rodriguez


Obsessing Over Player Salaries Is Ruining Baseball

'Moneyball' taught fans to root like a boss instead of basking in the thrill of the game. On the 15th anniversary of Michael Lewis' book on the first team to master winning on a tight budget, here's a look at how it changed sports culture for the worse.


The Redemption of A-Rod Is Complete

Once the most hated man in baseball, former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is now preparing for his 'Sunday Night Baseball' debut, thanks to social media (and a little help from J.Lo).


Derek Jeter Reportedly "Beside Himself Angry" After Joint A-Rod Interview

Hell hath no fury like a Jeets scorned.


Can We Talk About A-Rod and J-Lo for a Minute?

J-Rod is the celebrity couple to end all celebrity couples.


Alex Rodriguez to Host Reality Show for Former Athletes Needing Financial Advice on CNBC

Watch out, Jim Cramer. There's a new star in the world of finance-based TV shows.


A-Rod and Kyle Schwarber Mash Taters on the Streets of New York with Kelly Ripa

America's TV darling A-Rod still has it.


Look How Goddamned Happy A-Rod is to Play Third Base for One Out in the Ninth Inning

The Yankees finally threw A-Rod a bone and he ate it up.


Alex Rodriguez Is a Public Relations Miracle

How A-Rod burned down his own reputation, ignored the cardinal rule of how to fix it, and went on to retire a (sort of) hero.


The 2009 Yankees, Peak A-Rod, and a Baseball Era Gone By

Alex Rodriguez's Yankees legacy is built upon his dazzling October for the star-studded, spendy 2009 World Series champs. It's an era that feels a long time gone.


A-Rod Asks to Play Third Base, Girardi Says No. We Are Denied Fun.

Rodriguez will never be as beloved as New York Yankees Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, a fact made clear by Joe Girardi's actions in the last week.


Three Stages Of Goodbye For A-Rod, Tex, and Ichiro, and Wild Card Wildness: This Particular Week In Baseball

A-Rod leaves, Mark Teixeira sneaks out the side door, Ichiro is somehow Ichiro again, and Mike Trout continues to look like he could be better than any of them.


There Is No Hall of Fame Without Alex Rodriguez

You can't have a Hall of Fame without the greatest players.