Alex Stamos


Europe’s strict new privacy rules are great news for Facebook hackers

“You can do incident response quickly or correctly, but not both.”


The VICE Morning Bulletin

FBI: explosion at Texas FedEx could be linked to Austin, Weinstein Co. bankruptcy axes NDAs, ISIS seizes Damascus​ neighborhood, and more.


Alex Stamos, Facebook's Chief Security Officer, Is Reportedly Leaving the Company

But Stamos says he's 'still fully engaged with my work at Facebook.'


If Facebook Actually Wants to Be Transparent, It Should Talk to Journalists

A Facebook executive has been complaining about negative press coverage, yet the company declines to engage with journalists.


Yahoo’s Government Email Scanner Was Actually a Secret Hacking Tool

Contrary to recent reports, the spy tool Yahoo used to search its users emails was not just a custom version of its spam and child pornography filtering system.


Yahoo Names Former Twitter Security Director as New 'Paranoid-in-Chief'

The internet giant names Bob Lord as new Chief Information Security Officer.


Why Yahoo's Top Security Guy Just Ditched for Facebook

Stamos wants to make the internet secure for “normal” people, and Facebook is now the best place to do that.


Paranoid-in-Chief: Yahoo's Alex Stamos Wants to Secure the Entire Internet

The internet isn’t safe for anyone, and he wants to change that.


John McAfee Defends the Security Researcher Who Hacked Airplanes Mid-Flight

Everyone's favorite fugitive and unhinged former CEO is defending security researcher Chris Roberts.