The Kardashians Are Struggling to Keep Up with the Trumps

"Life of Kylie" premiered to fewer viewers than "Sharknado 5," continuing a ratings decline for Kardashian-related shows that has only worsened since Donald Trump took office.


Making Vision Boards with the Mom from 'Pretty Wild'

Reality show star and former Playboy model Andrea Arlington made vision boards to make her daughter, Alexis Neiers, famous. You can too.


Jenna Jameson Is Writing Books and Telling Men to Stop Victim Shaming

Jenna Jameson has gone from being the world’s most famous porn star to being a best-selling author, a self-described feminist, and a mother of two.


Alexis Neiers on Drugs, Prison, the Bling Ring, and Redemption

Alexis Neiers, ex–heroin addict and star of cult classic reality show Pretty Wild, has had a pretty crazy life.


Alexis Neiers Reviewed 'Lindsay,' Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show on OWN

'Lindsay' is about a public execution, not an addict's journey to sobriety.


A Pretty Wild Christmas

During the 2010 holiday season, I wasn’t able to sit by a fireplace with my family—I was a heroin addict, and my disease was worse than ever. I expected to spend that Christmas getting high on black, but instead I was arrested and subsequently spent...


Please Don't Touch Me

Nineteen years after I was first molested as a child, I finally filed a police report. I now understand that what took place is classified as rape, and I want to make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else.


How Do We Solve North America’s Heroin Epidemic?

Groundbreaking rehab specialist Dr. Gabor Maté believes current recovery methods are failing our youth. I couldn't care less about eating with Kim and Kanye, but I was dying to speak to Dr. Maté about how to solve our heroin problem.


Why Are the Millennials Screwed Up?

Baby Boomers love to hate on the Millennials. They say we’re lazy narcissists because we have Instagram applications on our iPhones. This is obviously stupid, but it’s also obvious that the Millennials are a screwed generation. And guess what, Boomers...


Alexis Neiers’s Pretty Wild Road to Recovery

Alexis Neiers's life has been turned into a meme, a magazine article, a book, a symbol for millenial narcissism, and now a movie directed by Sophia Coppola and starring Emma Watson. But she's trying to escape all that.