algorithmic art


A Teenager Used AI to Generate Bizarre, Surreal Nude Portraits

We're honestly not sure if Robbie Barrat's strange creations are NSFW.


Massive Robotic Instrument Turns Smartphone Data into Sounds

Using hardware and software, artist Andrius Šarapovas created a massive musical composer.


Hand-Knit Paintings Weave DNA into Algorithms

Channing Hansen uses algorithms to guide him as he knits his pieces, which, in their final form, he likens to being in a quantum-like state of uncertainty


Joy Division Tees Meet a Xerox Machine From Hell in denial.of.service’s Latest Video

Onryō features scan lines, bodily figures, and what its creator calls “excruciating rotoscoping.”


[Premiere] A Solo Jazz Pianist Gets Overtaken by a Fractal Universe in This Gorgeous Music Video

Pianist Tigran Hamasyan’s hypnotic “The Cave of Rebirth” meet Julius Horsthuis’ infinite fractal landscapes in a stunning music video directed by Ruben van Leer.


Generate Your Own Personalized (Belated) Valentines with This Algorithmic Website

Derrick Schultz wants you to design with love.


Generative Algorithms and Acrylic Paint Create Profound Digital Paintings

Using custom generative software, artist Helen Alexandra codes generative algorithms to create animations in real time, resulting in mind-bending digital paintings.


Hundreds of Facebook Images Get Transformed into Piano Music

In Daniel Watkins’s ‘All My Friends’, hundreds of images get transformed into 24 hours of music.


This Artist Turned His Entire Online Life into Public Portraits

Emails? Texts? Skype calls and a 3D-printed sculpture made from personal data? Mark Farid wants you to see it all.


[NSFW] These Shapeshifting Dots Are Not What They Seem

An old illustration technique gets a virtual age update in denial.of.service’s new music video for Aeternam Vale & Kerri LeBon’s “Hiding Love.”


Virtual Chemicals Morph in a Mesmerizing 3D Video

CG artist Nobutaka Kitahara’s math-based 3D art video is a world of constant transformation.


Unsecured Webcam Film Turns Real Life into 'The Truman Show'

Kindly let '' give you the willies—or, just leave your webcam on.