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Watch a New/Old Kanye West Video for "All Day" / "I Feel Like That" Directed by Steve McQueen

The video was screened in Paris last July, but there hasn't been a high quality version online until now.
John Hill
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Preview Kanye West's "All Day/I Feel Like That" Video

Directed by Oscar winning 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen.
Craig Jenkins

Kanye West's Movement Is More Than Music

The success of the Yeezy 350 Boost signals the rise of Kanye the Creative.
Brian Josephs
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Paul McCartney Whistled the Melody to Kanye’s “All Day” in a Parkinson Interview in 1999

It was inspired by a Picasso painting in a hospital corridor, apparently.
Joe Zadeh
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Here's a Recording of Kanye's Verse on Vic Mensa's "U Mad," Which Is Coming Out Very Soon

Listen to Kanye's verse on Vic's "U Mad," as well as a snippet of what could be an "All Day" remix with Kendrick Lamar.
Kyle Kramer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Video You've Already Seen Is Now the Official Video for "All Day" Because Kanye West Said So

Eric Sundermann
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The Credits on Kanye West's "All Day," Explained

We at Noisey were able to piece together exactly what each of the 17 artists contributed to the track.
Skinny Friedman
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UK Grime Needs Validation from America as Much as You Need a Punch in the Mouth

BBC 1Xtra’s Sian Anderson tells us what to really think about Kanye co-signing grime and UK rap at last week’s Brits.
Sian Anderson
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Listen to the Studio Version of Kanye West's Newest Banger "All Day"

How long are we going to be bumping this? All day!
Drew Millard
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Holy Shit, Kanye West Just Premiered His New Single "All Day"

Kanye + flamethrower = perfection.
Drew Millard

What the Hell is Girl Talk Up to These Days?

Between taking his dog to the vet, Girl Talk is making hip-hop productions and fighting the good fight for sample-based music.
VICE Thump
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Kanye West's "All Day" Is the Number One Song on a Billboard Chart and It Hasn’t Even Released

Mr. West is sitting pretty on top of the Trending140 chart.
Eric Sundermann