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Thank God: Smash Mouth Has Finally Released an EDM Remix of "All Star"

To celebrate 20 years of the song, the band has dropped the first ever official remix. And it's a slapper, folks!


This Simpsons-Gorillaz Mashup Is Better Than Mouthwatering Steamed Hams

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Westbrook Thought LeBron Picked Him Last for ASG, So He Torched the Wizards

Westbrook saw the list of picks but it was alphabetical, so he was the last name, right behind his opponent last night, John Wall.


Aaron Judge Broke NASA Physics Calculations With Home Run Derby Roof Smash

Aaron Judge just casually destroyed the laws of physics twice in one night, hitting baseballs to a height deemed by leading engineers as not humanly possible.


How Smash Mouth's "All Star" Made Us Hit the Apex of Banter

Banter is dead, long live banter.


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