You Can Now Rent O.J. Simpson's White Bronco for Your Party

Throwing an "art party"? Looking for a real challenging, jaw-dropper installation to greet your hordes of relevant guests? Yeah? Why not rent the tragic sport-utility vehicle from the slowest, most anticlimactic celebrity car chase in history?


Thousands of iPad Minis Were Stolen from the Airport Hangar in Goodfellas

If your'e going to steal an iPad, do it right. Don't gank one of an unsuspecting subway passenger or stash it in your pants before sprinting out of an Apple store. Go to the airport hangar where the expensive little devices are kept after they arrive...


A $4.5 Billion Fine for Deepwater Horizon Is a Win for BP

Attention seekers of justices, destroyers of evil, lovers of birds: BP is going to pay. Two-and-a-half years after its Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded 50 miles off the Louisiana coast, pissing 206 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico...


What's Wrong With Robots Making Our iPhones?

What do you do when you're one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers and you've garnered global controversy for claims of low wages and substandard working conditions? Honhai, the Taiwanese company that owns Foxconn, decided last year it...


It's Impossible to Keep a Secret These Days

Let's have a little talk about secrets. There are all kinds of secrets out there in the world: personal secrets, state secrets, secret recipes, secret sauces, top secrets, secret levels in video games, Victoria's Secret. The list goes on. But as we're...


Titan: The Most Super of All the Supercomputers

Bow down to the Titan supercomputer, puny mortals. Because the Titan just earned the title for the world's most powerful supercomputer, and it is not fucking around. Built by Cray Inc., "the supercomputer company," and Nvidia, the Titan is the result...


Foxconn Thinks the iPhone 5 Is a Pain in the Ass

China's largest and eminently loathable electronics manufacturer Foxconn is taking the fall for the iPhone 5 shortage that's annoyed consumers and worried investors in recent weeks. What's the holdup? They don't have enough parts? They're training new...


The Navy's New Super Warship Looks Like a Tiny Fishing Boat on Radar

Remember _The Hunt for the Red October_, that terrific movie from the 1990s starring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery running around on submarines? The Red October was this new Soviet super sub that was virtually undetectable by radar and rigged up with...


Spider Silk Makes Great Microchips That Dissolve in the Human Body

Spider silk is pretty amazing stuff. Pound for pound, it's as strong as steel and more durable than Kevlar. It can be stretched to incredible lengths, but it's no more cumbersome than cotton or nylon. Because it's so awesome, scientists have long been...


Tech Support: How to Make Your Breath Smell Nice in the Future

_In a new column,_ Tech Support, _we offer three high-tech solutions to an everyday ailment, each somewhat more sophisticated than the next, and all made possible by the magic of science and any extra cash you might have lying around._*Help! My breath...


Why Is a London Butcher Selling Zombie Meat?

After the zombie apocalypse — or any kind of apocalypse, really — has ruined our food supply and left a stinking heap of corpses in the streets, sooner or later we're gonna have to face the fact that we'll to have to eat something. So perhaps...


The Navy Wants to Make Jet Fuel Out of Seawater

The U.S. Navy wasn't kidding when they said they wanted to transition their fleet on to a more sustainable fuel model. The announcement came earlier this summer when top brass finally came to the realization that it didn't make great sense to continue...