allen crabbe

    • 4.11.18

      NBA Dunk of the Week: Just Start the Playoffs Already, This is Brutal

      Your dunk of the week is a two handed dunk in a particularly meaningless game in a fairly meaningless season playing a sport that, in a lot of philosophical interpretations, could very easily be found meaningless itself. Enjoy.

    • 7.28.16

      The Blazers Are Capped Out, But Not Locked In

      No team has had a weirder offseason than Portland, which spent $269 million on keeping last year's solid-but-not-great team intact. But there's more to it than that.

    • 3.4.16

      How Portland Is Rewriting the NBA Rebuilding Script

      The Blazers' rebuilding playbook seemed predictable, but so far this season has turned out to be anything but. Challenges remain for one of the NBA's youngest teams, but Portland is enjoying their unexpected playoff run—and proving doubters wrong.

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