Why Do Some People Suddenly Develop Food Allergies Later in Life?

It can be confusing and daunting to suddenly not be able to eat a food you've eaten your whole life.
Shayla Love
What's Freaking Me Out

These Are the Chemicals That Should Not Be in Your Hair Products

Is 'sulfate-free' a good thing? What's up with parabens? What are the ingredients we should be avoiding completely?
Melissa Pandika
Gluten Free

Party City Pulls Ad That Calls Gluten-Free People 'Gross'

The retailer has since apologized for a commercial some perceived to be "insensitive."
Mayukh Sen

What It's Like to Be Allergic to Sunlight

"Like some people are allergic to peanuts, I'm allergic to sunlight."
Alice Sanders

Eating Meat Might Kill Me

I keep eating meat because the danger has heightened the pleasure factor, like bareback sex, mainlining heroin, base jumping, or motorcycling sans helmet even though it might kill me.
Jason Bell
food allergies

I’m an Irishman with a Lethal Potato Allergy

My life-threatening allergy to fries, mashed potatoes, and even potato vodka has made life difficult—and painfully ironic. But I've always wondered what my fate would've been like if I’d been born in Ireland some 200 years ago.
Kevin Zawacki
Doctor's Note

ER Doctors Are Bringing Patients Back From the Dead

Using a machine from the 1950s.
Darragh O’Carroll, MD
Living With It

The Living Hell of a Latex Allergy

For a select few, even the most innocuous household item is a source of fear and anxiety.
Eveline Chao
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Heinz Is Recalling Hundreds of Cases of Gravy Because America Can't Have Anything Good

Jars labeled as pork gravy might accidentally contain unlabeled soy and milk. In other words, Trump's America.
Allison Schaller

The Gala Dinner at the Forgers Club

Welcome back to Stranger Than Flicktion, our Flickr-inspired column. In this edition, Emmanuel Giraud guides us, blindfolded, into the halls of a secret society, where the wine is real but the truffles aren’t.
Emmanuel Giraud

Waiter Charged for Serving Salmon to Customer with Deadly Seafood Allergy

At the hospital, the diner who had unknowingly eaten the salmon “developed complications,” and the next day had a heart attack, after which he fell into a coma that lasted two days.
Charley Lanyon

Scientists Are Arguing That You Can't Have an Allergic Reaction to "Nut Dust"

Tim Spector, a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Kings College in London says the risk of an allergic reaction from nut dust is nonexistent.
Alex Swerdloff