"Meth-Gators" Aren't a Thing, But Also Please Don't Flush Your Drugs

Cops in Tennessee are warning that flushing drugs down the toilet could create "meth-gators."
Alex Lubben

Crocodiles Evolved to Be Vegetarian 'At Least Three Times' in the Past

Fossilized teeth indicate that crocodilians had much more varied diets during the age of dinosaurs.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Gave Alligators Ketamine and Headphones to Understand Dinosaur Hearing

An experiment involving 40 drugged alligators reveals how dinosaurs might have located sounds in their environment.
Becky Ferreira
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Check Out This Dude's 'Emotional Support Gator'

He loves chicken wings, head rubs, and watching 'Gator Boys' on TV.
Allie Conti

These Alligators Have Gone Into Deep-Freeze Mode

As temperatures in North Carolina dropped this week, some residents appeared frozen in ice.
Sarah Emerson
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This Guy Says His Illegal 200-Pound Pet Gator Liked to 'Come Sit on My Lap'

"He was like a dog. I don't think he knew he was an alligator."
River Donaghey
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Noisey Power Rankings: October 15 - 19

Grusk hath returned and joins Gucci Mane in moving up this week. But we regret to announce that Cardi B and punk take some losses. Oh, and Marilyn Manson made a dildo with his face on it.
Noisey Staff
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Someone Had a Terrifying Run-In with This Massive Gator Again

And he looks like he somehow got bigger...
Drew Schwartz
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This Florida Man Brought a Live Gator with Him on a Beer Run

He placed the blame for the stunt on the "alcohol, man."
Drew Schwartz
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All Hail This Metal-Ass Gator That Head-Butted a Guy Unconscious

We're not worthy.
Drew Schwartz
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The Next Hot Trend in Gender Reveal Videos: Live Gators

A Louisiana man used a gator to announce the latest addition to his family, then had to stop said gator from killing all of them.
Allie Conti
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These Gators Didn't Give a Shit About Being Frozen Alive in the Bomb Cyclone

Proving once again that they're metal as hell.
Drew Schwartz