Almost Famous

To Hell And Back

The Angry, Healing Records I Revisit When Everything Feels Broken

Reflections on the healing power of old abrasive favorites, plus new tunes from Twilight Fauna, Lifeless Dark, Lindow Moss, Sick Shit, and more.
Kim Kelly
Does It Suck?

Does 'Almost Famous' Actually Suck?

Looking back at Cameron Crowe's rock-journo coming-of-age saga.
Frankie Caracciolo

How Pinterest Users Ruined Penny Lane from 'Almost Famous'

They misinterpreted the moral of the best rock 'n' roll film of all time.
Mitchell Sunderland

Heaters Return To Us with "Elephant Turner," a Grungy, Spacey Song Of Goodness

Today we bring you “Elephant Turner,” a new song off their upcoming album 'Baptistina'. It’s a dirty, groovy, heavy track featuring the band’s unique vocal tics.
Annalise Domenighini
Longreads Or Whatever

Robert Plant's Good, Big Life

We talk to the former Led Zeppelin frontman about his near five-decade career, and what exactly it means to be Robert Plant.
Eric Sundermann
Longreads Or Whatever

The Score: Why the Legacy of 'Almost Famous' Will Never Die (Hint: the Clothes)

Blame 'Almost Famous' for festival fashion.
Elizabeth Sankey

Led Zeppelin's Road Manager Is Still a Badass

Richard Cole wasn't even 20 in 1965, when he became manager of the Who—but he's most famous for managing Led Zeppelin at the peak of their rock-god insanity. Now nearing 70 and still full of manic energy, Cole agreed to sit down with us for a quick...
John Liam Policastro

Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Lester Bangs Who Inspired Us All

A tragic end to the life of one of the greatest actors of our generation.
Eric Sundermann