alternative energy

alternative energy

DIY Powerwall Builders Are Using Recycled Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

Who needs Tesla?
Louise Matsakis
radioactive waste

First Nations in Ontario Are Grappling With Nuclear Waste on Their Lands

The plan to build a nuclear waste dump on the Great Lakes is inching forward. It still needs consent from the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.
Kate Lunau

How Much Energy Could We Really Harvest from an Earthquake?

A lot, it turns out. But not for very long.
Michael Byrne
defense & security

Why the US Navy's push to use biofuel isn't making a whole lot of sense

The Navy's "Great Green Fleet" initiative seeks to increase the use of alternative fuels, but politics, economics, and chemistry make its bet on biofuel look like a long shot.
Justin Rohrlich

University Creates Lamp Powered Entirely by Soil and Plants

Peru's UTEC is bringing light to those without electricity with their newly-created Plant-lamp.
Sophia Callahan

Shrimp That Are Fed Uni Poop Grow Faster and Taste Better

Yep—scientists have discovered that one species can feed another from its waste. Maybe it’s time for us all to get our Human Centipede on.
Alex Swerdloff

José Andrés Wants the World to Cook with Sunlight and Biofuel

One of the least-discussed but most pressing issues in modern kitchens is their reliance on conventional but unsustainable fuels. World-renowned chef José Andrés is trying to change that, one solar cooker at a time.
Hillary Eaton

US Wind Power Is Expected to Double in the Next Five Years

A new report from the Department of Energy finds that wind will provide 10 percent of the nation’s power by 2020—and double again in the ten years after that.
Brian Merchant

Solar-Powered Swiss Plane Launches Historic Trip Around the World

The 22,000-mile circumnavigational flight was conceived to showcase engineering advances and raise awareness about clean energy and climate change.
Pierre Longeray

The US Solar Workforce Has Doubled in Just Four Years

The industry has been booming for the last four years—it's adding jobs 20 times faster than the rest of the economy.
Brian Merchant

No, Wind Turbines Do Not Make Us Sick, Says Most Comprehensive Study Yet

It's still most likely that our ideas about wind turbines are making us sicker than anything their spinning blades are doing.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Microgrids Will Be a $13 Billion Industry in Five Years

The age of tiny power is nigh.
Brian Merchant