alternative facts


Photos that Show How Real Life Isn't Always What It Seems

Photographer Signe Pierce uses her body and photography to demonstrate how anything can be manipulated.


The EPA Tried to ‘Delegitimize Science,’ so Scientists Sued the Government

You know things are getting weird when scientists decide to sue a major federal agency.


Historians Are Calling Out Trump Online Whenever He Misreads the Past

Engaging with new media is no longer a dalliance for the history profession in the misinformation age.


“The Knowledge Illusion” explains how facts don’t necessarily change our minds

A new book, "The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone" explains why people are so stubborn about their beliefs, even when they lack the most basic information.


"Fatherless" Collective Seeks Truth in an Alternative Facts Exhibit

The group showcases their own version of today’s information overload.


In the Age of ‘Alternative Facts,’ Scientists March in Defense of Evidence

Typically apolitical, scientists felt compelled to defend their work outside the AAAS conference in Boston.


Kellyanne Conway Defended Trump's Travel Ban by Citing a Made-Up Massacre

Conway told MSNBC that the media didn't cover the "Bowling Green massacre"—which is true, because it didn't happen.


A List of Bands You're Not Allowed to Like Anymore Since "Alternative" Became a Bad Word

Say goodbye to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their hit song "Last Resort."


Pizza Chain Reveals Meat-Topped, 'Calorie-Free' #AlternateFacts Pizza

“This pizza is positively presidential,” the restaurant chain wrote on Facebook. “It’s going to be YUGE.”


Donald Trump, Who Lies Constantly, Spent His First Few Days as President Lying

President Trump, who lied about 3 Doors Down being good, continues to lie about things people can see with their own eyes.