Álvaro Uribe


Thousands of Colombians wave white flags for peace

The war with the FARC, together with some other similar conflicts in Colombia, has killed an estimated 220,000 people and forced nearly 7 million from their homes.


Colombia's largest rebel group will stop collecting war taxes

The leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia announced he gave the order because the imminent signing of a final peace deal with the government means there is less pressure to raise funds to feed rebel troops.


Colombian president promises peace with the country’s largest rebel group within a month

President Juan Manuel Santos said he expects to wrap up talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, by July 20, though he appears less confident of the peace deal's ratification in a subsequent re


John Kerry's Meeting With 'Terrorists' in Cuba Has Upset Some Colombians

The secretary of state’s meeting with leaders of the FARC rebel group in Havana added to the sense that a peace accord ending 50 years of civil war in Colombia is close, and not all Colombians are happy about that.


Colombia’s Prosecutor Wants Probe of Former President for Paramilitary Massacre

The possible probe comes as the government moves closer to signing a peace deal with rebels.


How Colombia Built a Massive Surveillance 'Shadow State'

Colombia has spent millions of dollars to procure high-end surveillance technology that can intercept cellphone calls, capture text messages, and sort through personal information to create profiles of citizens.


Can a Truth Commission in Colombia Help Heal the Wounds of War's Atrocities?

Proponents hope a truth commission could offer closure to millions of Colombians affected by the conflict. Both sides are responsible for human-rights abuses, while distrust and resentment for past atrocities remain high.


'False Positives': How Colombia’s Army Executed Civilians And Called Them Guerrillas

Facing pressure to boost its battlefield figures under former President Alvaro Uribe, Colombia's army lured and executed at least 3,000 civilians and notched them as combat kills, according to a new Human Rights Watch report.


US Army Will Investigate Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Soldiers and Contractors in Colombia

Recent reports reference the alleged sexual abuse of more than 50 Colombian girls in the town of Melgar in 2004, by members of the US military and civilian contractors.


Thousands of Colombians Rally Against Amnesty for FARC Guerrilla Fighters

As Colombia's government continues to negotiate a truce with FARC rebels, an opposition movement is demanding "peace without impunity" for the guerrillas.


Colombia Reacts With Alarm and Speculation as FARC Peace Talks Suspended

A Colombian army general was kidnapped over the weekend and the government has suspended negotiations with FARC. Citizens reacted with mixed emotions about what the future holds.


Colombia Re-elects Juan Manuel Santos to Presidency in Vote for Peace

The contest was seen as a referendum on the Santos government’s push to end a decades-long conflict with the rebel army known as the FARC.