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Weed Could Help Prevent Certain Brain Diseases

The existing research is promising, but researchers are calling for more clinical trials in humans.
Nick English
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Here’s Another Reason You Might Want to Quit Diet Soda

The health risks (Alzheimer's?!) may not be worth the calorie savings.
Jessica Migala
The High Life

Men Are Smoking More Pot than Women

And it could put their brains at a disadvantage.
Cassie Shortsleeve

Stuffing Your Face with Burgers and Fries May Increase the Risk of Alzheimer’s

According to a recent study, the sugary, fatty crap many of us Westerners eat is more likely to lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
Wyatt Marshall

Why Eye Exams Are the Future of Alzheimer’s Screening

Right now there’s no easy way to diagnose the disease.
Pippa Wysong

Covering Your Pancakes in Maple Syrup Could Be Good For Your Brain

According to new research presented at the annual American Chemical Society meeting, antioxidants found in maple syrup may protect brain cells against damage.
Phoebe Hurst

Why You Should Worry If You Can’t Smell Peanut Butter

And now for the world’s most unlikely scientific discovery: Researchers have found that they can diagnose early Alzheimer’s disease with nothing more than a tablespoon of peanut butter and a ruler.
Alex Swerdloff
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Born Again Brains

The human brain continues to regenerate even in adulthood, thanks to adult neurogenesis, or the birth of new neurons from parental neural stem cells.
Levi Gadye
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Can Learning to Code Delay Alzheimer's?

Research suggests it might.
Sara Inés Calderón

Can Eating Bread Contribute to Alzheimer's?

Three years ago, filmmaker Max Lugavere began noticing that his mother was having trouble with her cognition. When she was diagnosed with dementia, he began looking for answers in the foods we commonly eat.
Munchies Staff

America Needs Alzheimer’s Funding Now

While the National Institute of Health spends $3 billion a year on AIDS research, and nearly $4.9 billion on cancer, for Alzheimer’s it spends only $500 million, an enormous drop off for an illness that is already widespread and growing rapidly.
Blake Butler